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The BOTTLE WORKS is a dynamic arts organization operating two cultural centers on Third Avenue in the historic cultural district of Cambria City. With two amazing community facilities, BOTTLE WORKS is proud to be Johnstown’s art mecca where artists can exhibit, create, teach and sell; musicians can perform; and visitors can explore, learn and ENJOY!

It was our job to change the overall interface design of the existing Website and create a clean simple look using existing branding.

Efforts included:
• Restructure the content to simplify and reduce pages
• Format all content, text, images, video to a consistent treatment
• Provide enhanced capabilities (i.e. hall of fame portfolio, gallery shop, calendar)
• Create feature area graphics to call attention to the “utility” type functions of the site (i.e.
newsletter, donate, calendar, shop)

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 1.56.35 PM





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